Designed to help you escape life’s daily challenges

Born out of a passion for soaps, Nourish Natural Soap Company was created to be a journey into the world of natural aromas and exfoliants that will leave your skin feeling more nourished after every exposure. Our hand-picked ingredients are designed specifically to invoke a feeling of relaxation, rejuvenation and reinvigoration. While the aromas of the natural oils take hold of your senses, our natural exfoliants will leave your skin feeling refreshed and soft to the touch.

Finding Passion and Purpose

In 2017, creator Sage Feighan was looking for a creative outlet and hobby to help her cope with real life stresses that were starting to take a toll on her. She discovered the world of cold process soap and began experimenting with unusual scent combinations. Sharing her passion with fiancé John Papanicolaou, he became interested in creating new scents and adding exfoliants and scrubs. Together they worked to create the signature soaps we all know and love. Some fan favorites include Maise’s Daisies, a unique combination of olive oil pure, distilled water, palm oil, coconut oil, lye, and Daisy Fragrance Oil; and Oatmeal our best-selling exfoliating scrub that includes Chamomile infused olive oil, distilled water, lye, shea butter, castor oil, colloidal oatmeal, and bentonite clay.

Sage and John started gifting their soaps to friends and family for special occasions. The feedback was immediate and with the encouragement and support of their close-knit tribe, the Nourish Natural Soap Company was born. We still remain close to our roots, handcrafting each bar of soap locally in our hometown of Beacon, New York.

Live your best, most awake self through self-care

Today there are over 15 different soaps and scrubs to choose in the online store. Each new, innovative fragrance was created with the belief that self-care is an essential practice in everyday life to ensure living the best, most awake self. The unique combination of essential oils and natural scrubs and exfoliants were created to provoke specific moods and leave you feeling as if life’s challenges have melted away. Let Energizing Peppermint give you that extra energy needed for your next breakthrough or Soothing Lavender leave you relaxed and ready to sleep through the night. Sweet Orange will keep your mood lifted all day long while the natural extracts work to sooth skin inflammation. No matter the need, there is a Nourish Natural Soap that can help facilitate the mindful self-care needed to overcome life’s challenges.