March 21st, I celebrated my birthday and was very excited to spend it with my husband on a much-awaited vacation. As much as I was grateful for another year around the sun, the older I get, like the most of us, the more I struggle with looking and feeling older.

As we age our bodies and skin begin to change, but there are many ways to reverse the aging process. Here are some things I am trying to do to preserve my health and feel as youthful as possible!

We all know that exercise is amazing for your physical and mental health, but can it actually help stop the aging process? Studies show that high-activity exercise increases your mobility as well as changes your DNA, helping your muscles work better and more efficiently. Exercise also rids your body of toxins and sends more oxygen to your skin, keeping you looking more youthful and radiant.

Beauty sleep is not a myth! If you get proper sleep, your skin’s blood flow increases while building up collagen to combat UV damage, wrinkles, and age spots. Using essential oils is an effective and natural way to get the rest you need. Jump in a hot shower with our Lavender Shower Steamer or Clary Sage Shower Steamer. Then wash your body and face with our Bergamot Oasis soap and head right to bed for a good night’s sleep.

Organizing your home and life will help reduce stress, the number one culprit that wreaks havoc on our bodies, mind, and skin. Keeping your spaces nice and tidy will reduce the levels of hormones in your body that cause stress. Less stress is definitely the key to keeping your mind and body young and energized.

What you put in your bodies can make a major difference in your aging process. Vitamin C, found in foods like citrus fruits, can help you regenerate skin cells, reduce wrinkles, and help fight against UV rays from the sun! Adding more collagen to your diet through foods like poultry is going to help your skin stay elastic and looking young! As much as we love it, sugar is another offender in causing our bodies to not work properly. The sweet stuff can make our bodies feel more sluggish and our skin look not as nourished and aged.

Obviously aging is not a bad thing and we should celebrate each day. By incorporating these tips, we can enjoy our golden years to the fullest.

Sage xo

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