Let’s Get Creative

Let's Get Creative

Instead of the typical resolutions of eating healthy and working out more, this year let’s revitalize our creativity. Perhaps make a resolution to complete a creative project every month. Create a sketch journal instead of a written one. How about taking a stab at writing poetry? Discover the art of flower arranging. Or attend a wood workshop to make new accessories for your home?

Need some help getting inspired? Boost your creativity with essential oils, specifically coconut and lime essential oils. Studies show coconut oil may contribute to focus and mental performance. While, lime essential oil is ideal for reducing stress and anxiety, it also helps promote mental clarity and increases energy and focus. These were some of the reasons we chose these ingredients in our soaps.

Although we may not think of ourselves as “artists”, that doesn’t mean creativity isn’t crucial to our quality of life. The creative process is one of the purest ways for us to connect with our deepest thoughts, hopes and emotions. Now it’s time to nurture your body with our Lime and Strawberry Seed Soap and Coconut Lime Soap and get your creative juices flowing. Let’s see what resolutions you come up with!

Sage & John

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