Five Ways to Transition Mindfully to Fall

September signifies the transition from summer to fall. Here in the Northeast, temperatures are starting to cool and the daylight is fading earlier and earlier as we inch towards the equinox. For me, fall has always signaled a time of renewal and starting over.

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” F. Scott Fitzgerald

The shifting seasons provide an opportunity to pause and reflect on how you have grown and changed throughout the year. It’s a good time to reset, reorganize, and establish goals for the coming season. It can also be a chance to inject some newness into our lives and establishing a routine that can lead to feelings of grounding and clarity. Let the crisp energy of renewal in fall inspire you to recommit to something that you’ve been putting off or let slip (without judgment, of course). Take this opportunity to sign up for that pottery class you’ve always wanted to take or commit to actually using that language-learning app you downloaded last year for a few minutes each day. Life is busy and a new season is a good time to start over.

Here are five other ways to mindfully transition to the fall season.

  • Journal
    Write down your reflections on the year, noting how you’ve grown and set goals for the remaining four months of the year.  Set an intention to carry you through the upcoming winter.


  • Commit to a daily practice.
    Choose a form of self-care that honors what you need, it can be meditation, yoga, journaling, a daily walk, or anything else. Establishing a routine can help you feel in control during a period of transition like the changing seasons.


  • Store your summer gear and bring out your fall items.
    Use this time to put away your summer clothes and gear like beach towels and pool toys. Donate any clothing or items that have fulfilled their purpose for you. Then take your sweaters and wool socks out of storage. If you need to replace any items from last fall, now is a good time to budget for those.


  • Visit the Farmer’s Market.
    One of the best ways to embrace the changing seasons is to eat fresh, seasonal produce. Find a new fall recipe to try out or make something that brings back fond memories. Of course, visiting different Farmer’s Markets to gather fresh ingredients to create our natural organic soaps is my favorite thing on the list. It is also a great time to collect different fruit extracts and experiment with new interesting combinations to develop new soaps.


  • Host a potluck equinox dinner.
    After you’ve picked up your seasonal produce from the Farmer’s Market, gather your friends and family to mark the end of summer. Encourage friends and family to bring seasonal, grounding dishes that are local to your region. Go around the table and have everyone share their favorite fall activity.


Whether your recognition of the changing seasons is small and personal or big and communal, make the time to enjoy the beauty of this time of year. Get outside while the sun is still shining and be mindful to stay present, even while things are changing.



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