In Honor of Sleep Week; 5 Tips For Getting Better ZZZ’s

The good news is Spring arrives this month! And so too does Daylight Savings Time on Sunday, March 14, when we lose an hour of sleep in order to gain more welcomed sunlight in the late afternoons. On the same date, the National Sleep Foundation kicks-off National Sleep Week to help promote better sleep patterns as a way to increase overall health and well-being. I’ll admit I’m useless after a bad night’s sleep—so here are my five favorite tips for getting a blissful night of zzz’s.

Get Moving
Fresh air and daily movement do a body good! A quick 15-minute walk around the block can improve blood flow, increase your energy and even enhance your concentration. Plus, with springtime arriving soon, you won’t want to miss the fresh, crisp air. Ahh! Studies also show consistent physical activity can promote more restful sleep. But try to avoid strenuous workouts before bedtime, as they can have a stimulating effect instead.

A Warm Bath & A Little CBD Bomb
It’s no secret a nice hot bath can quickly wipe away the stress of a rough day, but I like to do one better by including extra strength full spectrum hemp tincture that provides an added calming effect. Our Bergamot & Grapefruit with CBD oil Bath Bomb is chocked full of it, and will nourish your mind, body and overall well-being.

Keep An Eye On Your Coffee
I’m a big fan of my morning cup of coffee, and often, I have another mug-full even later in the day. But despite my notion that I’m immune to daily caffeine intake—surprisingly it can keep me up, leaving me a bit restless throughout the night. Watch your late evening alcohol intake too, as it’s another culprit that can disrupt your sleep pattern.

When Work Is Done, Put Your Worries Away
At the end of the workday, our first impulse is to quickly walk away from our computer. But often this leaves our worries and stresses still swirling about in our heads. When I’m done with work, I like to write down in my journal a list of all the things that are worrying me, and how I might better approach them tomorrow. This basically lets me put my stresses away so I can enjoy the evening with my handsome husband.

Set The Scene
Experts advise ensuring your bedroom is set-up for a perfect night’s sleep, which means the room should be dark, quiet, and on the cooler side. Prolonged exposure to our backlit phones and computers right before bed can have a stimulating effect, so I try to avoid them and instead stick to softer reading options like my Kindle Paperwhite. Wishing you sweet dreams!

Sage XO

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