Keep Your Skin Healthy and Glowing This Summer!

Ah, summertime! Warm, energizing sunshine, uplifting air and an excitement to be out and about enjoying it all. We live for this season… especially when you’re located in the northeast, like me. It’s the best time to head to the beaches and parks, and to soak in all of the beauty and greenery that surrounds us.

While the season can do wonders to lift our spirits, the effects of summer fun can wreck havoc on the skin, causing it to become dry, dull and weathered-looking. Culprits of dry summer skin include the sun, pool chlorine and even air conditioning. Here, a few tips for safeguarding your skin against the season’s elements.

Sun Protection: It’s no secret the sun can do a real number on your skin – from dehydrating it to causing premature aging (think fine lines, age spots and wrinkles, oh my). We’re not saying to hide indoors, but be sure to invest in proper sun protection. This includes a broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF 30 for your face, lips and body (remember to reapply often!), as well as to make the shade your friend during the prime time sun hours of 10 AM and 4 PM.

Air Conditioning: When the heat cranks up into high gear, it’s hard to resist the urge to set the AC up on high. But remember, air conditioning sucks the humidity out of the air, which will quickly dry out your skin. When bearable, open those windows instead.

Salt Water and Chlorine: There’s no greater joy than hitting the ocean waves or swimming in a clear blue pool, but sadly the salt water and chlorine can rob your skin of its protective moisture barrier. Similarly, it’s important to avoid long, hot showers and baths that can further cause dehydration. Try to limit yourself to short, warm showers or baths, and remember to always moisturize your skin right after.

Of course, nourishing soaps can also help offset lost moisture. Here are a two of my favorite summertime soaps, which add back much-needed hydration to your sun-drenched skin:

Orange and Tumeric Bar Soap with CBD Oil

Developed with the highest quality, extra strength hemp tincture, orange essential oil and turmeric powder, this all natural bar soap will keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Fortified with CBD oil, it provides both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to reduce harmful inflammation and enhance overall skin health.

Chrysanthemum Bar Soap

An awakening and energizing soap, it’s infused with lily and aloe butter to soothe and restore hydration to parched, dry skin. Lecithin and unsaturated fatty acids also calm and moisturize skin, while antioxidant-rich avocado butter utilizes vitamins A, E and D to ward-off free radicals that contribute to skin aging.

I’m incredibly excited for this summer, and I hope you are too. Get out there and enjoy all of the wonderful things the season has to offer, I know I plan to. But please – remember to take good care of both your skin and health.

Wishing you and your families a happy, healthy and fun-filled summer season!


Sage XO

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