Not a New You, a RESTORED YOU

Well, it’s a new year and of course all we hear is “New Year, New Me,” but we don’t actually want a new you. We like – no we LOVE – the you that you’ve always been. So, instead of embracing that “New Year, New Me,” lifestyle, let’s embrace a “Restored & Refreshed Me” lifestyle.

Each year brings its own trials and tribulations, whether big or small, and they can leave us feeling drained and almost like we may have lost a bit of ourselves over the course of the year. Maybe instead of giving ourselves some “Me Time,” we immersed ourselves in work or taking care of those around us, but now it’s time to get our groove back. It’s time to make “Me Time” a priority. If we aren’t happy and healthy, physically and emotionally, we can’t be the best version of ourselves that we strive to be, which is definitely not good for anyone, especially ourselves.

So, this year, let’s make a pact – you and me. Let’s make our New Year’s Resolution be to take care of ourselves and to refresh and renew who we already are. This could mean SO many things. Maybe feeling like the best version of yourself means getting back to your workout routine that you love, or reading, or making time to just relax with no distractions.

How can we keep this going throughout the whole year without letting everything around us to take over? Well, what I have learned is that it’s all about where you are mentally and emotionally. If you feel happy and satisfied, you’ll keep going. If you’re struggling, you may feel a bit defeated and not want to continue on your journey to reaching your best self. For me, essential oils and aromatics make a world of a difference in my life. When I feel like things are getting a little too hectic in my life or even if I need a little boost of energy, I turn to different essential oil and aromatic soaps. It does sometimes seem crazy how something so small can reap such big benefits on how you feel. However crazy it is, it’s definitely true.

Here are some of my favorite items that I can’t live without to keep me recharged no matter what life has thrown at me:

Energy Boost – Energizing Mint
With such busy schedules, it’s easy to feel drained, especially when you’re not giving yourself some special “Me Time.” Peppermint oil wraps your skin up leaving you with a cooling sensation while also calming your body, which in turn helps to relieve sore muscles and aches – perfect if you’ve made a new workout routine part of your Resolution. Peppermint aroma also helps you feel more awake and improves your mental focus!

Rejuvenated Skin – Geranium & Kombucha
Kombucha drinks have become wildly popular due to its health benefits, so why not give Geranium & Kombucha soap a try? This is one of my favorites! Whether it’s winter or summer, our skin always needs some lovin’. These ingredients and essential oils promote beautiful, radiant skin while also alleviating anxiety and balancing hormones.

No Winter Blues Here – Grapefruit with Loofah
Did you know that grapefruit oil not only smells amazing, but it also helps curb mental fatigue, headaches and depression? This essential oil soap, with a mild exfoliate, will leave your skin feeling refreshed as well as your mood.

Relax & Unwind – Soothing Lavender
When we think of essential oils, one of the most popular ones that comes to mind is lavender, known for its calming qualities. Not only does it help alleviate stress and anxiety, but it also aids in treating headaches, migraines and depression.

Mood Booster – Lemon Cranberry Seed
Okay, so this one smells awesome, but it also will leave you feeling beautiful from the inside out. The lemony scent provides a refreshing and uplifting feeling, which will in turn boost your mood, as well as give you some much needed energy and rejuvenate your skin. Add in the cranberry seeds and you’ve got the most amazing pair – like two peas in a pod. The cranberry seeds will help exfoliate your skin leaving it beautiful and radiant.

When it comes to making the commitment to making more “Me Time” and getting back to your best self, it all starts from within. All of these essential oils and aromas will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated from within, allowing you to accomplish anything, no matter what your New Year’s Resolution is this year.

So this year, kick butt and RESTORE you!


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