Self-Care Tips to Nourish your Whole Self

As women, we often fall into the trap of prioritizing everybody else’s needs ahead of our own. We give and give and give, until we’re running on empty; which eventually leaves us feeling unappreciated, overwhelmed and exhausted.
When we take care of ourselves—physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually—we reduce our stress levels, boost our self-esteem, and generally feel happier and healthier. We feel in balance, and abundant, and more in tune with ourselves.

Human beings tend to be great at criticizing and passing judgement, but we struggle to be kind and loving to ourselves. But you are deserving of your kindness, your care, and your love. And you need it more than you might realize.

When we take better care of ourselves, we’re able to show up for the people we love in a healthier and more sustainable way.
We’ve put together a list of self-care practices that will help you take care of yourself on every level; so you can feel more loved, centered, and at peace.

1. Be in nature
We’ve become a society that tends to spend most of the day indoors; at school, working, or even watching TV. But this is not our natural environment.
We feel most alive and connected when we’re outdoors, in nature. This is because we’re a part of her; our body is made up of more than seventy percent water.
The air is fresher and allows for deeper breaths. Our eyes get a much needed break from our screens. The body gets to move and stretch and circulate. And your mind is able to bring new perspective to old thoughts or problems.
Get outside at least once a day if you can, even if it’s just a ten minute walk on your lunch break. Put your phone away, and be present in the moment. Try and find green, open spaces; with trees, flowers, wildlife, and natural water if possible.
The more immersed in nature you are, the stronger and more positive the effect will be. Self-care like this is free, so there’s no reason not to be doing it.

2. Take a bath
Most of us don’t live by the ocean, a lake, or even have access to a clean swimming pool. But being in water is so soothing and nourishing for your mind, body, and soul.
The next best thing is to run yourself a bath at home. Invest in some candles, salts or bath soak, dried flowers, and a snuggly robe to slip into after.

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Put on a relaxing playlist (I love Spotify for this), and let yourself sit there in peace for at least twenty minutes.
This is a beautiful act of self-care, and a wonderful way to relax at the end of your day.

3. Learn something new
As long as we’re living, we should never step learning new things; because this is how we grow.
Most of us are used to completing a training day at work, so we can be more competent in our job; or studying for an exam because we have to pass it. But when was the last time you learned something you were interested in, that was just for you?
It doesn’t matter what it is. Baking bread, learning to code, flower arranging, how to teach yoga, how to cut hair, life drawing, starting a blog, or taking a soap making class. The list is endless.
Make a list of your own. Write down all the things you’re interested in learning more about, then choose one to get started on this month.

4. Sun & moon bathe
Many of us aren’t getting enough vitamin D, and one great source of this is sunlight.
It really depends on where you live, and the time of year, but if you can, try and get some sunlight for at least a few minutes each day.
Stepping into your garden first thing in the morning, and planting your bare feet on the ground is a lovely way to do this. Close your eyes, feel all the elements around you, and soak in the sun (if it’s out).
Equally, basking in the moonlight is a really powerful way for women to feel more connected to their own sacred cycle, and inner rhythms.
Again, this really depends on the phase of the moon, and how clear the sky is, but try and get outdoors a couple times a week in the evening and sit under the moon.

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Make self care a part of your daily life
When we do prioritize it, and make it a part of our daily ritual, self care has the power to heal us, and bring more peace, joy, and gratitude into our lives; as well as the lives of those around us.


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