Seven Ways to Be Kind To Yourself and Others

Send a Drop of Kindness, and see a Happy Face –Julie Hebert

At Nourish, we have always believed that the happiest people are the ones who bring happiness to others. That is what we strived for when creating our all natural, handmade soaps. When we first began sharing our soaps with friends and family, we saw how the healing qualities of essential oils were able to instantly shift their mood and bring happiness to their day. For us, it was an amazing feeling to be able to change someone’s day for the better with the simple act of kindness of gifting them our soaps.

This July 27th is National Love is Kind Day. To celebrate, we’re sharing seven ways we can all show a little love and kindness that day and every day.

There are plenty of simple ways to be kind and put a smile on someone’s face. Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Say it with a Smile
    A friendly smile can go a long way, especially when it comes from the kindness of your heart. Creating new connections can be as simple as making eye contact and acknowledging the people you encounter throughout your day. After all, smiling is contagious– you may be surprised by all the smiles you get in return!
  2. Be Present
    Your full and undivided attention is one of the greatest gifts you can give someone. Putting your phone away or shutting off the TV when you’re with someone else shows them respect and that you’re interested in the conversation.
  3. Suspend Judgement
    It’s all too easy to pass automatic judgment on others. Learning to recognize this in ourselves can create beautiful opportunities to pause and reflect before passing judgment on others. It’s helpful to remember that everyone is experiencing personal struggle and growth, and we should strive to treat those we meet with compassion and kindness.
  4. Say “Please” and “Thank You”
    This may sound like something you heard as a child, but it’s a good reminder for adults too! Extending simple courtesies to those around you can serve as a small reminder of gratitude for all the good people, things, and opportunities in your life.
  5. Compliment Someone
    It feels good to know that you made someone else smile! So let your co-worker know how impressed you were with their presentation or tell your barista how great their new hair color is. Complimenting someone, whether they’re a friend or a stranger, is a great way to make a small yet positive impact on their day.
  6. Express Kindness Through Actions
    If you’re more of a do-er than a talker, there are lots of small ways to show kindness through your actions. Here are a few examples:

    • Buy a coffee for the person in line behind you. You can do this in the drive thru as well.
    • Hold the door for a stranger.
    • Give your seat to someone else on the bus or train.
    • Buy or make a small gift for someone you love. Our Flower Child Soap, which was inspired by peace, love and happiness, combines patchouli oil to promote emotional connection and jasmine to boost your mood.
    • Let the person behind you go ahead of you in the check out line.
    • Offer to do tasks or chores that are not your responsibility.
  1. Be Kind to Yourself
    Treat yourself with the same level of love and kindness that you would show a friend. Just like on an airplane, when you’re instructed to put your oxygen mask on before helping others with theirs, you can be much more kind to others when you’re practiced at being kind to yourself. Nourish yourself so that you are better equipped to help those around you.


How else do you #NourishYourself? What are some ways that you spread kindness to others? Share your comments on our Facebook page, we would love to hear from you.


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