So you want to be an entrepreneur?

My parents have always been my biggest supporters. Since they were very conservative in their own lives, they always wanted me to find a job that was “safe” and “secure”. Interestingly, when I began making my own soap, although they were risk averse, they ended up being the ones who pushed me to pursue my dreams of starting my own company.

My work prior to starting Nourish Natural Soaps was unfulfilling and left me unhappy at the end of the day. I was overworked without reward, leaving me feeling used up and tired. When I started making soap, something in me woke up. The creativity was so empowering. It was like a mental muscle that was waiting to be ignited. Once, I did I knew this was the change that I needed in my career.

I will tell you first-hand, being an entrepreneur is scary and hard work, but a truly rewarding experience. This is some of the best entrepreneurial advice that I have learned along the way.

Embrace your fears.
I may not have all the answers and sometimes I have bouts of Imposter Syndrome. Whenever I start to have doubts and the fear starts to kick in, I take a deep breath and I sit with my thoughts. I think about the way that it feels to have people tell us how they love our product or that they have trusted our product to be a gift for someone special. I reassure myself that Nourish hasn’t continued to grow and expand because of luck, but because of the hard work and love we put into this brand for our customers.

Have the courage to try!
After all, failure is just an experience from which to learn and level up.

Do your homework.
As an entrepreneur, I am always researching – new ingredients, trends, what my competitors are doing, and how I can continue to make our company better.

Make the world better.
Determine what your big picture goal is and why you are creating your business. As your company evolves, your goals may change, but never lose sight of your vision.

My vision is to build a company that can create jobs for soap lovers, artists, or makers at heart or inspire them to take the first step in turning what the love into a business. I also want my brand to encourage those who may have been displaced or enlightened during the pandemic and are looking forward to learning a new skill set.

Being able to change someone’s skin, their habits, and their confidence has made Nourish Natural Soaps my best job yet. It is like no other feeling in the world!

I can’t thank everyone enough that has come into our shop or shopped online and given our brand a chance to make a difference in their lives.

Peace and Love,
Sage xo

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