Things to do this Fall in Beacon

From the beautiful scenery to all of the fun fall activities, it’s no wonder that fall is one of my favorite times of year. There are so many wonderful things to do this season in Beacon – here are a few of my favorites.

Fall Festivals
There are quite a few festivals all throughout Beacon and surrounding towns that are perfect for the whole family to enjoy. From apple and pumpkin picking, season treats and games, there are endless options to ensure everyone has a great time this season. I’m definitely looking forward to checking out festivals like the Fishkill Farms Fall Harvest Festivals and Stony Kill Foundation Harvest Fest, to name a few.

Exploring Nature
Another activity I love to take advantage of during the fall, is taking in all of the beautiful scenery. I love seeing all of the leaves change colors and being able to enjoy the outdoors. Some of my favorite trails to explore are Mount Beacon, Bull Hill and Sierra Trail at Stony Kill. I could spend hours getting lost in the gorgeous view and soak up everything nature has to offer.

More Me Time

Before the hectic schedules of the holidays kick in, I take time in the fall to slow down and devote more time to myself to restore and rejuvenate. I am especially excited to pamper myself this year with some of our new soaps such as our new Pumpkin Sandalwood Scrub and Pumpkin Clay Face Mask. Not only do these leave me feeling relaxed, but the pumpkin helps nourish and cleanse my skin leaving my skin rejuvenated and refreshed. Plus, I love how they fill my house with the aroma of my favorite fall scents.

So, whether I am enjoying the beautiful scenery or showing myself a little extra self-love, I am ready for this fall season. I’d love to hear some of your favorite activities in the comments below!

Sage xo

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