Too much sugar does not do a body good!

With the sunny spring season in full swing, it’s wonderful to be able to step out and smell the sweet scents in the air. Lilac and honeysuckle deliver their lovely aromas in the fresh morning breeze, while here in the northeast the tulips, cherry blossom trees and forsythia are in bright and full bloom.


Although the sweetness in the air can be a delight, we all know too much sweetness in our body is not a good thing. Avoiding processed sugar treats while we’re hunkered down in our homes is certainly a challenge, and in some cases seem impossible. Unfortunately, excess sugar leads to inflammation in the body, which causes acne and can exacerbate other skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea.


Worse still, sugary foods like soda, some cereals and desserts actually increase your skin’s aging process by breaking down its collagen, leaving it looking dull, lifeless and flaccid. Thankfully, a diet in healthy fats, proteins, vegetables and fruits can slow the aging process, while leaving you with a glowy, healthy-looking complexion. So, as hard as it can be, it is worth trying to minimizing your sugar intake.


The good news is you can always have a perfectly calorie-free taste of sweetness in your beauty routine. I know it is very different from eating a bowl of ice cream, but I promise your skin will thank you for it.


Here are a few of my favorite sweet-scented essential oil, aromatic and exfoliant soaps, which offer up refreshing flavors indicative of the spring season:


Coconut Lime

The sweet smell of coconut transports us to beachside vacations and tranquilizing images of the ocean. Here, we’ve infused the soap with lime essential oil, which helps to invigorate the senses, enhance focus and clarity and stimulate creativity. Lime also soothes the skin and aids in the replenishment of vital antioxidants.



Designed in a sweet honeycomb shape, the aromatic soap contains springtime honeysuckle extract, which is well regarded as an inflammation fighter, rich in antioxidants that protects skin against the signs of aging. Honeysuckle has also been shown to soothe common skin conditions such as rosacea, acne, and eczema, as well as to brighten overall skin tone.


Sweet Orange and Coffee Exfoliant

The sweet citrus scent of orange, coupled with the energizing aroma of coffee is sure to be an effective mood lifter, as well as a great way to kick-off your day. Orange essential oil is another well-known fighter of inflammation, while the coffee beans serve as an excellent exfoliant for skin.


There’s no doubt being sheltered in our homes has led some of us to lean on sweet, sugary treats for comfort. But too much sugar does not do a body good. Fortunately, we can still get a little bit of healthy sweetness from our soaps.


Hoping you’re all staying safe, and taking the best of care of your family and your health.


Sage xo








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