Warm-Up This Winter With Hot Tastes of The Season

If you live in the Northeast like me, you know firsthand that winter is in full, full swing! With lots of snow falling this month, there’s no better time to turn to a tasty hot cocktail that’ll be sure to warm you up from the inside. Below, are three of my favorite hot drinks, including links to their recipes, and are paired with a Nourish Bar Soap that’s infused with the same aromas as these heart-warming cocktails.

Imbibe: The Hot Toddy is the most famous when it comes to winter concoctions. This classic cocktail often combines brandy, honey, lemon, and tea – although I’ve seen it made it with many different bases and recipe twists. Garnish it with a cinnamon stick, and it’s all you need to begin feeling toasty allover.

Nourish with… Honeycomb Bar Soap: Tap into the power of honeysuckle essential oil, which soothes irritations like mild redness and eczema, as well as enhances skin radiance. This cute honeycomb-shaped bar is chocked full of buttermilk that deeply hydrates dry skin.

Sip: Although it make look difficult to pronounce a Geschmozzle is a hot coffee-based cocktail that is more nutty and creamy than it is sweet. Perfect as an après-ski treat or an after dinner drink, it blends unusual ingredients like raspberry-white chocolate liqueur and Amaretto-flavored vodka. Top it off with a heap of whipped cream for good measure.

Nourish with… Toasted Coconut Coffee Bar Soap: Coffee essential oil is packed with a wealth of skin-enhancing antioxidants, while coffee beans are also a fabulous exfoliant that leaves skin super soft and glowing. Olive oil in the formula is an excellent moisturizer, especially during these cold months.

Taste: I couldn’t resist this sophisticated twist on the classic Hot Toddy. Try a Lingonberry Hot Toddy when you’re feeling nostalgic for a taste of Scandinavia. Adding in Lingonberry concentrate to the mix of bourbon, lemon juice, honey and hot water, it provides a nice tart finish.

Nourish with… Lingonberry Bar Soap: Known as Scandinavia’s superfruit, lingonberries offer a spicy-berry scent and are full of essential fatty-acid Omega 3s and 6s that are essential to overall skin health. Shea butter in the soap also greatly nourishes dry, cracked winter skin.

Cheers to you and your families. Hope you all stay well! and healthy!

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